blosc2.pack_tensor(tensor, chunksize=None, **kwargs)#

Pack (compress) a TensorFlow / PyTorch tensor or a NumPy array.

  • tensor (tensor, ndarray.) – The tensor / array to be packed.

  • chunksize (int) – The size (in bytes) for the chunks during compression. If not provided, it is computed automatically.

  • kwargs (dict, optional) – These are the same as the kwargs in SChunk.__init__.


out – The serialized version (cframe) of the array. If urlpath is provided, the number of bytes in file is returned instead.

Return type:

bytes | int


>>> import numpy as np
>>> th = np.arange(1e6, dtype=np.float32)
>>> cframe = blosc2.pack_tensor(th)
>>> if not os.getenv("BTUNE_TRADEOFF"):
...     assert len(cframe) < th.size * th.itemsize