Python-Blosc2 documentation#

Python-Blosc2 is a Python package for handling large NDim and plain datasets stored in a compressed state either in-memory or on-disk. Under the hood, it uses [C-Blosc2](, a fast, compressed and persistent data store library for C.

Getting Started

New to Python-Blosc2? Check out the getting started guides. They contain an introduction to Python-Blosc2 main concepts and different tutorials.

API Reference

The reference guide contains a detailed description of the Python-Blosc2 API. The reference describes how the functions work and which parameters can be used.


Saw a typo in the documentation? Want to improve existing functionalities? The contributing guidelines will guide you through the process of improving Python-Blosc2.

Release Notes

Want to see what’s new in the latest release? Check out the release notes to find out!