cat2cli – Command-line Caterva2 client#

This program allows interacting with a Caterva2 subscriber from the command line, in interactive shell sessions or invoked by other programs. To use it, the clients extra needs to be installed:

python -m pip install caterva2[clients]

Running cat2cli --help should provide a list of supported commands that may be invoked like this:


A relevant generic option (besides --help itself) is --host, which overrides the subscriber address used by default. It should have the HOST:PORT format (with IPv6 addresses between square brackets), for example

cat2cli may use a TOML configuration file (caterva2.toml in the current directory unless overridden with the --conf option). Currently, it may only get the subscriber address from there (http setting in [subscriber] section). Command-line options override settings read from the configuration file.

A relevant command option is --help, which shows the options and arguments accepted by a particular command. Another one is --json, which forces the output of commands that accept it to be in JSON format, as that may be more amenable for parsing by other programs.

For a short tutorial on cat2cli, see Using the command-line client.