Release notes#

Changes from 0.2 to 0.2.1#

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Changes from 0.1 to 0.2#

  • Publisher: Support several implementations for the publisher root, besides a Caterva2 directory with Blosc2 and plain files (PR #27). A publisher root module can be run as a script to generate an example root of that kind.

  • Publisher: Add HDF5 publisher root implementation to allow mounting an HDF5 file as a root. Datasets are converted to Blosc2-compressed arrays (with .b2nd extension), with chunks and attributes converted on-the-fly (avoiding re-compression where possible). This obviates the need to use cat2import, with which it shares all conversion code (PR #28, PR #29, PR #30). Adapt test machinery (PR #32).

  • Web client: Allow listing the datasets of multiple roots.

  • Web client: Add support for display plugins that depend on the contenttype attribute of the dataset.

  • Web client: Add tomography display plugin that allows choosing and rendering any 2D image in a 3D stack (along the first dimension).

  • Web client: Use tabs to switch between dataset info and other features (like displays).

  • Web client: Show dataset vlmeta (user attributes) in info tab.

  • Client API: New caterva2.api.File.vlmeta mapping to access a dataset’s variable-length metalayers (i.e. user attributes encoded using msgpack). Add example file with vlmeta.

  • Subscriber: Include vlmeta when caching a dataset.

  • Install: Add hdf5 and blosc2-plugins extras to enable HDF5-related functionality (for services and tools), and selected Blosc2 plugins for JPEG 2000 support (for services and clients).

  • Add test-images/ script to test exporting a stack of images (tomography) into an HDF5 file using Blosc2 with the Grok JPEG 2000 codec.

  • Tools: New cat2export tool to convert the dataset hierarchy in a Caterva2 directory root into an HDF5 file (with default Blosc2 compression parameters). Chunk shapes are respected and chunks are not re-compressed when possible (PR #24).

  • Tools: cat2import now supports numeric, array & empty HDF5 dataset attributes, converting them to native Python objects first (PR #30).

  • Tools: cat2import now operates chunk-by-chunk, respecting compression parameters and avoiding re-compression when possible (PR #26).

  • Subscriber: Undo root being part of dataset path in clients (PR #25).

  • Subscriber: Allow to run when a publisher is unreachable.

  • CI: Test on ARM64 besides AMD64.

  • Docs: Assorted enhancements, including diagrams (PR #23).

  • Install: Fix minimum required Python version back to 3.10.

  • Many other minor fixes.

Initial 0.1 release#

  • First public release.

  • Implemented many of the functionality in the specifications file.

  • Simple API for creating new clients.

  • Tests for both clients and servers.

  • Simple web client.

  • Basic documentation.

  • A client (cat2cli) to query datasets.

  • A tool (cat2import) for importing datasets.